2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Iniesta Kick trashed Netherland's dreams.


The 19th FIFA world cup final, 2010 a single winning goal from Andres Iniesta that created history. Spain won their first FIFA World Cup defeating Netherlands by 1 goal in the 116th minute. Both Netherlands and Spain had not won any final till date. But Netherlands had appeared twice before in the finals, in 1974 and 1978. Spain reached their finals beating Portugal, Parague and Germany scoring 1-0 every time while Netherland hopes of Slovakia, Brazil and Uruguay in Round 16, quarter finals and semi finals respectively.

While score was 0-0 for the entire 90 minutes of the game and the first 15 minutes extra time as well with Spain having 57% ball possession and 18 shots with 8 of them on aim. Netherlands had 43% possession and 13 total shots with 5 on final target. The winning goal was shot by Iniesta in the second 15 minute extra time hardly 5 minutes after the Dutch were reduced to 10 players.Once again the German octopus Paul Allen's predictions make it true.

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