A staggering Rs 210 crore (USD 42 million) approval contract puts skipper Dhoni ahead of even Tendulkar’s record. If popularity has a say in the luck one rakes in, this is the biggest example. And the figures prove that. According to Forbes, Dhoni was the world’s maximum paid cricketer last year, he earning USD 10 million, surpassing Sachin’s USD 8 million earnings. And now, when the just-married cricketer has signed a three-year-deal with Rhiti Sports managing. He was breaking his record of the Rs180 crore three-year-deal with sports management compact, Iconix.

Oh! God! Is that too much?

Is this is too much of an speculation for a cricketer. while Sachin signed an Rs 100 crore deal, many predicted the company’s impoverishment. But still now, what happened later was well, history. “When Sachin signed a 100 crore contract, people never even talked in terms of crores, they talk only in lakhs. Dhoni has so far come very closest to Sachin in this context. So now a days, when there are thousands of crores occupied in cricket, and the betting world deals in around Rs 5-6,000 crore, Rs 200 crore isn’t that big, really.

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